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Butter Braids and Cake Rolls 

From now until October 25th the Center is selling Butter Braids and Cake Rolls.  Anyone who has eaten either of these products know that they are among the tastiest treats going, and at a reasonable price.  The Butter Braids are $14.00 a piece, and the cake rolls are $15.00 each.  They both arrive frozen.  The Cake Rolls are simply thaw and serve, and the Butter Braids are thaw, bake, and serve.  They are easily stored in the freezer, and they not only make a great addition to your holiday table, they are fabulous to bring to any get together.  They will be delivered on Tuesday, November 19th and can be picked up at the Center between the hours of 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.  You can buy them through our online store, by clicking here, or you can purchase them through one of our parents, teachers, and friends.  If you do purchase through our online store, please note that you MUST pick up your products on the day they're delivered to the Center as we do not have enough room in our kitchen to store them.  If you purchase through one of our parents, teachers, or friends they will pick them up and distribute them to you.
All proceeds from this sale will go towards our new Music Program.  We appreciate your support!

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